Stick With Exercise For a Lifetime
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The Alternate Route to Health and Fitness

When you think of the word “exercise,” what comes to mind? Do you see yourself jogging on a treadmill? Tackling a spinning class or striding on an elliptical machine? Working up a sweat in an aerobics class or a weight room?

That may be what exercise entails for some of us—but the truth is there’s more than one approach. The joint guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association include two options for getting adequate exercise:

THE TRADITIONAL ROUTE: a program focused on “vigorous-intensity” physical activity, done for 20 minutes three days a week. This approach is based on two words: working out.

THE ALTERNATE ROUTE: a program focused on “moderate-intensity” physical activity, comparable to “brisk” walking, done for 30 minutes five days a week. The basis of the alternate route? Having fun!

The alternate route means that, along with brisk walking, a wide range of recreational pursuits—tennis, dancing, golf, skiing, softball, canoeing, even gardening—can form your exercise routine. Having fun can be a powerful motivator for exercise success. Paired with a desire for health and fitness, it can help you stick with exercise for a lifetime—and enjoy every minute of it!